Wind turbines kill more than 573,000 birds in the US alone every year


An Associated Press release reported that wind turbines can kill more than 573,000 birds annually in the U.S. alone.

Specifically, to present this dramatic situation is an article published on Live Science which incorporates the press release of Associated Press. Among the species of birds most frequently victims of wind turbines we find eagles, falcons, Owls and even i bats. Indeed, for the latter we also talk about 10,000 units died per year only in USA.

The reason for all these deaths is that wind turbines I move very quickly to the point that the pointed ends of the blades can turn at a speed of even 288 km / h. This speed is sufficient for shredding any type of bird that passes in flight through the blade rotation area. This is also explained by the fact that many birds are birds of prey and during the flight, they keep their eyes fixed downwards in search of prey and rarely look ahead, therefore, they themselves are easy “prey”Of the fast swirl of the wind turbines that they cannot avoid. This is because they have not developed the ability to avoid “predators” such.

That of wind turbines and related bird deaths is a really worrying problem. Among the most lethal wind farms in the world is that of Altamont pass , in Northern California. Just think that only in this park do they register more than 10,000 bird deaths every year and most of them are birds of prey.

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