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After yesterday’s announcement, the Williams presented its new livery for the 2020 season. The separation with immediate effect from the sponsor ROKiT, which at the beginning of the year had introduced red as the main color on the English single seaters, imposed an inevitable chromatic change, which however was less drastic than could be expected.

ROKiT to Mercedes

The FW43s of George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will no longer have red on the belly area, while white becomes the dominant color again with a few details of black and blue, the latter already in the first version presented in February.

From the official photos of the drivers on the Formula 1 website, it was thought of a more incisive role for the Italian sponsor Lavazza, but in the end it will be the brand Sofina to take the free space on the bellies. There is also a rainbow on the rear wing, a sign of support for the new initiative launched by Liberty Media #WeRaceAsOne.

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