Will there be a second wave? Speak the Nobel Prize immunologist


    <h2>Experts are divided on the possibility of a second wave of the coronavirus. What does the American immunologist Bruce Beutler think about it?</h2>


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    <p>Experts from all over the world are divided on the eventuality of one <strong>second wave</strong> of coronavirus in autumn: for some it is practically certain, for others it is only a possibility. But there are also those who exclude it. And it is an authoritative voice like the American immunologist <strong>Bruce Beutler</strong>, <strong>Nobel prize</strong> for Medicine in 2011.

Beutler won the prestigious award together with Jules Hoffmann and Ralph Steinman for their work on dendritic cells and their role in adaptive immunity.

The immunologist, interviewed by Adnkronos, said that “in most European countries and the United States it appears that the rate of new cases and the mortality rate are gradually decreasing, even though people have started dating again, to go back to work and interact more “.

“Along with lockdowns, changes in behavior (social distancing, use of masks) appear to have had protective effects. The population it is not so vulnerable as at the beginning, when none of these measures had been taken “.

“All this leads me to think that There will not be a second wave, “concluded the immunologist.

According to the Nobel prize, however, the measures taken “will not be enough to completely eliminate the virus, and everyday life for everyone will certainly remain more uncomfortable than before. It is very likely that only one vaccine effective it will be able to completely extinguish the pandemic ”.

Regarding the vaccine, the expert said that “there are realistic opinions that the vaccine could be produced on a large scale from the beginning of next year. However, there is no certainty about it. ”

Certainty is also lacking in its duration: “Many vaccines offer long-lasting protection (decades or even longer), others protect only for a short time”.

“Infected people who have had a strong antibody response – added Beutler – are probably less likely to contract the disease a second time and can confer herd immunity“, But also in this case” there is still not enough experience to know the degree or duration of immunity “.

The immunologist has also intervened in the debate these days on asymptomatic, explaining that these can be infectious but to a lesser extent than patients with symptoms.

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