Will Silent Hill for PS5 be released on June 4th? Very likely, says a leaker – Multiplayer.it


silent Hill for SS5 will be presented on June 4, during the reveal event of the new Sony console? According to the well-known leaker Dusk Golem, it is very probable and there are several reasons to support this hypothesis.

First, the source confirmed recent information about Silent Hill that the game was developed by Japan Studio and directed by Keiichiro Toyama, set up as a soft reboot from the previous chapters.

Second, Dusk Golem said that a reveal of the title on June 4, during the official presentation of PS5, is the most likely hypothesis because the development team is anxious to show the project and because it is currently available in the form. playable.

So the only reason Silent Hill could skip this date would be the fact that it’s not a launch title for PlayStation 5.

Dusk Golem reiterated that all these details have been confirmed to him by friends who work in the sector. Are these reliable rumors? We will find out by now in a few days.

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