Will Salvatore Parolisi be able to leave prison to go to university? Here is how things are


After serving nine years in prison Salvatore Parolisi could take advantage of premium permits and regain freedom for 45 days a year. According to ‘Giallo’ journalist Gian Pietro Fiore, from September Parolisi “will be able to leave the prison to attend lectures at the university, where he is enrolled in the faculty of law. Even before he could have left his cell in the Bollate penitentiary (Milan) – reads the journalist’s post -, but was blocked by the health emergency due to Covid. The news was confirmed by the same Salvatore Parolisi who in recent days has candidly admitted to having started the practice to set foot outside prison. So it is no longer an indiscretion, but a certainty “, says Fiore who explains how” Parolysis could follow the lessons even three times a week “.

To enjoy the permits, however, the OK of the surveillance judge is required. In fact, the law provides that, after the atonement of half the sentence, sentenced magistrates, after hearing the director of the institute, can grant prize permits of a duration not exceeding to those sentenced who have carried out regular conduct “and who are not socially dangerous” every time to fifteen days to allow you to cultivate affective, cultural or work interests. The duration of the permits cannot exceed a total of forty-five days in each year of expiation. ”

Because Parolisi can enjoy permits to leave prison

Sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment for the murder of his wife Melania Rea, Parolisi entered prison in 2011. With the ‘penalty discount’ for good conduct, however, he could already ask to take advantage of the prize permits. This at least is what he had reported from his lawyer, Nicodemo Gentile, in a recent interview to ‘Who has seen’.

“Salvatore Parolisi has entered the technical conditions to be able to ask for premium permits. Obviously – Nicodemus pointed out – it takes the placet of the prison director and the surveillance magistrate. The last time I met him, Parolisi had made no request, but surely he too will want to benefit from this possibility “.

The Rea family lawyer: “delicate situation, magistrate will have to evaluate well”

“We hope that all this will only lead to opening the door [i familiari di Melania] they may find him out of the house because it is a very delicate situation even with respect to his daughter whose power he has lost. “This was instead the comment of Mauro Gionni, lawyer of the Rea family.

“The permit could allow him to go only to the place where his family lives, which is different from where the victim’s family lives. I believe that the magistrate will certainly be able to assess the situation, granting a prize permit that could prevent him from go to the city where the family of Melania Rea “.

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Melania’s brother: “We were given life imprisonment”

And so, always a ‘Who has seen‘, Michele Rea – brother of the victim – had commented the indiscretion: “It is not fair that a prisoner who has chosen to commit a crime, to kill his wife and to change the life of his daughter, after a few years can resume normal life after that child has not “He had the opportunity to live in a normal family. I hope that the years of prison, even if they are few, if he does all of them. We had the life sentence he had.”

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