Why is it time to buy hands down and invest your money on a stock ready for + 170%


Now let’s go to study because it is time to buy with full hands and invest your money on a stock ready for + 170%.

Also on the stock markets and in trading there are particular favorable situations and others less so. There are times when stocks that remain undervalued for quite some time continue to fall but at some point reverse upwards generating a signal of an end to the bottom and a start to the top. This is the case of the Orsero stock (MIL: ORS) which today stands at 5.48, up 3.40%.

The company listed on Piazza Affari in November 2015 at 8.47 hit a high of 13.83 in 2017 and then dropped to 4.30 in March.

Orsero, which imports and distributes fruit and vegetables from all over the world, finds confirmation and favor in the consensus of analysts who calculate a target price in the 7.30 area. Instead, based on the dictates of the discounted cash flow, the fair value is estimated above € 15 with a truly impressive underestimation compared to current prices.

Why is it time to buy hands down and invest your money on a stock ready for + 170%

The secret to constantly making money on the markets and choosing to buy an undervalued security when it is on the rise. And this is the case where Orsero is located.

We proceed step by step and analyze the structure of the trend both in the short and medium term.

The exceeding of 5.30 in the daily closing has generated an interesting bullish impulse that has as its first target area 6.40.

Short signal: buy on the market with stop loss at 5.03.

The odds that 4.30 in the month of March could represent a multi-year minimum are very high. For this reason and for reasons related to the fundamentals, as highlighted above, our opinion on the title is strong Buy long term.

We will proceed in steps but we consider buying this title really a good opportunity not to be missed.

We will proceed in steps.

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