“Why did he save Bonafede”, but what agreements? – Free newspaper


It does not offer discounts, Matteo Salvini, in the face of those who spoke of clandestine agreements with Matteo Renzi after Italia Viva had chosen not to vote against the leader of the League in the Senate Immunity on the case of Open Arms and the “kidnapping” trial. The ex minister of the interior, in fact, was a guest in connection with Massimo Giletti to It is not the arena, the episode aired on La7 on Sunday 31 May. We have gone back to talking about justice, about Alfonso Bonafede specifically, saved from mistrust by Italia Viva and Renziani. And on the point, as said, Salvini does not discount: “Renzi says one thing on Sunday and does the opposite on Monday – he remarks -: he saved Bonafede to keep the armchair”, concludes the League. In short, how Salvini thinks about what happened in the courtroom on the grill needs no further explanation.

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