“Whose cousin it is.” Dagospia investigates, astounding discovery – Libero Quotidiano


After unsuspected cousins Ilaria and Roberta Capua, continues the “parentopoly” of Dagospia. This time there is no scandal, for heaven’s sake: only unknown and unthinkable relationships between the VIPs of the TV.

This time Giuseppe Candela investigates the genialogic tree of Franco Di Mare, esteemed (also by the top management) ex conductor of One morning fresh promotion to the direction of Raitre, and discovers his connection with Massimo Ranieri, Neapolitan singer and actor among the great protagonists of Italian theater and entertainment (seen a week ago in Sunday In by Mara Venier, a triumph). “The two are indeed cousins, even if not at first instance, “reveals Candela, who asks:” Did you know? “Very frankly: no.

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