WHO turn on the masks: “Wear them, useful against Covid”


WHO counter-order on masks: to contain the spread of the virus, it is good that they all wear them in public, not just healthcare workers and the infected, as he had recommended so far. The turning point – explains the World Health Organization – is due to the acquisition of new evidence showing that the masks can offer “a barrier for droplets, potentially infected droplets”.
The prescription to wear them therefore comes after many countries, including Italy, have already made their use mandatory in public.

The new guidelines are contained in a document recommending the use of surgical masks for people over the age of sixty and people
with previous pathologies. For others, according to the WHO, generics are sufficient triple layer fabric masks, with a part of absorbent cotton near the face, one of polypropylene in half and a synthetic waterproof external.
They are, specifies the document, protections that can be manufactured at home, but even small companies can start to make them in series, creating jobs.

The UN agency now recommends its use especially in places where distancing is not always possible, such as public transport, shops, workplaces, schools and places of worship. But, he warns, masks alone are not enough to protect themselves from the virus, rather they are one of the many measures to be taken to reduce the risk of infection, such as washing your hands often and physical distancing.

This is a clear-cut front for the WHO that for months had advised against the generalized use of masks, explaining that they could give a false sense of security to ordinary people who use them not always correctly as well as reducing the number of devices available for healthcare professionals, the most exposed to the virus.

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