Who to deploy to Fantasy Football? The ideal formation


The trainings to be delivered are back and our advice is back. Leave tonight an unprecedented 27th day with the advances scheduled at 19.30 between Fiorentina-Brescia is Lecce-Milan, in addition to the match of 21.45 between Bologna-Juventus. It will be difficult to line up the best possible formation this month and change, between ballots, turnover and last-minute injuries. Our advice cannot be missing, punctual as always, here is the ideal formation and the eleven players to be deployed.

SZCZESNY – The only certainty of post Covid Juve at the moment is defense. Zero goals conceded in the two matches of the Italian Cup. The Polish is a guarantee for his coaches, an unbeatable bonus could come for those who use it.

Izzo – Turin is always dangerous with its towers in the opposing area. Against Parma it was N’Koulou who gave the +3, this time it could touch the strong Neapolitan defender.

Smalling – A colossus in the midst of the defense will have the task of fighting Quagliarella and the license to jump on the placed kicks, in search of a fundamental +3 for those who will deploy him.

Criscito – Goleador defender, passionate coach. At home, against Parma, yet another seal from the spot could arrive.

KULUSEVSKI – He wants to redeem a colorless trial against Torino. He has the qualities to undermine Genoa’s defense, churn out assists and give a +3 to the coaches who will field him.

PULGAR – Appealing midfielder for this championship day: Fiorentina play at home against Brescia, one of the league’s most defended defenses. From his feet, in particular from placed football or penalty, a +3 could come.

ZIELINSKI – Running and insertions, the Polish midfielder seems to be one of the most fit men of Gattuso’s team and has shown it also in the two matches of the Italian Cup. Now you need bonuses for the fantasy football, however, ok Piotr?

Nendaz – Spal could suffer its physicality and its ability in insertions. An excellent solution among low cost midfielders to deploy on this day.

LAUTARO – Against Sampdoria has shown that he still has his head fixed on the goal scudetto, other than Barcelona. With his teammate, Lukaku, he could drive Sassuolo’s defense crazy, already dropping against Atalanta.

PROPERTY – We expect an open match with many goals between Atalanta and Lazio as it was in the first leg (remember a pyrotechnician 3-3). And in these days, we know it well, Ciro Immobile is exalted. He’ll be back to start his wackers off the couch.

REBIC – With Ibrahimovic’s injury, and Leao not yet convincing, the weight of the AC Milan attack will be on his shoulders. Lecce suffer many goals and the Croatian wants to redeem after the expulsion remedied in the Italian Cup.


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