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A possible party of Giuseppe Conte would outperform Pd and M5s. This at least according to what reported by the Youtrend poll which sees a list of the premier worth more than 14 percent. Revelation that raises ears to the political forces of the majority. And so, according to reports Il Giornale, in the Nazarene, in the Democratic Party, they put a good face on a bad game: the dem explain that the polls made years after possible elections have no value, they say that “when you make an alliance , winning the elections counts more than the individual percentages “, and then they suggest that the poll was” suggested “by Palazzo Chigi. The reason? Put the grillini in their place. “They are the ones – continue the sources of the newspaper of Sallusti – to spread rumors such as the candidacy of Conte as mayor of Rome or the supplementary of November for a seat in the Senate, to weaken it”.

In short, the prime minister’s protagonism frightens the majority, so much so as to reject the general states wanted by Conte. “Thus the general states of the economy risk translating into an image parade without real content”, thundered the dem Dario Franceschini in what is now a common thought. And so the prime minister can do nothing but inspire fear, showing that he alone is worth more than the others, even more than those M5s who brought him to Palazzo Chigi and who are now his most bitter enemies.

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