who is the wife of the american president? All about her


To be there first lady of the United States of America it is not at all simple. The beautiful knows it well Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, the current President of the United States of America. For some she is the shadow of her husband (victim and accomplice), for others she is an ambitious and emotionless woman. All agree, however, that she is beautiful and has taste in dress. The latest attempt to understand Melania’s life and secrets is the unauthorized autobiography “Free, Melania”. Let’s find out all about the current first lady of the United States of America.

Melania Trump height and age

Bring them his great 50 years old. The beautiful Melania on April 26 it turned half a century, but still shines in all its regal beauty and charm. The name in the registry office was Melanija KnavsGermanized in Melania Knauss. The 45th first lady of the United States is a former Slovenian naturalized American model. Is high 1.80m and speaks six languages ​​perfectly: his native language, Slovenian, Serbian, German, English and French. He has brown hair and blue eyes. His measurements are the perfect ones: 97-66-94. Meet Trump in New York in 1996 during Fashion Week and their relationship became public knowledge in 1999. The couple married in 2005 in Florida and at the ceremony there is also ex-president Bill Clinton and his wife. At the ceremony she wears a dress designed especially for her by Christian Dior and John Galliano worth $ 200,000.

Melania Trump style

Nothing the first lady wears is never casual. Pages and pages of newspapers and covers around the world have been dedicated to his look. Everything he wears is well thought out and wants to convey a precise message. According to what is written in the unauthorized autobiography, when there is tension between her and Trump, Melania “punishes” him by wearing trousers, because the president loves women always dressed in high heels and skimpy clothes with bare legs.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump curiosity

Relationship with her stepdaughter Ivanka they are all but loving. The two endure each other but there is strong tension. Melania does not accept to be considered just an empty doll, while Ivanka is the career manager mom. The beautiful Mel tried in vain to take a little dog to her son Barron, but Trump’s hatred for pets and his phobia for germs is known. Few know that she and her husband Donald do not sleep together, but live not only in separate rooms but in different wings of the White Room (Trump sleeps on the second floor of the East Wing, Melania on the third floor in the West Wing). The son Barron was born from the couple and his interests are golf, planes and fashion. In addition to English, he speaks fluent Slovenian and a little French. Defined the trophy wife, the submissive doll and immigrant adopted by the United States, the first lady is still a woman of great charm and strong charisma (in the last few days the public curtain with Trump who has ordered her to smile on command but she refuses) has been famous. Beautiful and smiling or beautiful and pouting, she remains one of the most beautiful first ladies ever in the United States of America.

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