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First the Cura Italia decree. Then the revival decree. And in addition many circulars, inter-ministerial measures, messages and more. The jungle of the bonus designed for Covid-19 for autonomous is matches VAT it becomes more and more intricate and extricating itself between all the requirements and the news is no simple task. It is Il Sole 24 Ore that tries to clarify by putting together everything there is to know about aid for self-employed workers and VAT numbers introduced by the Cura Italia and Relaunch decrees. The news concerns not only the bonuses for the month of May, but also the previous one of March and April.

Bonuses for self-employed and VAT numbers in March and April

For self-employed workers who have a VAT number active on February 23 and who are registered in the separate management the bonus is 600 euros in March and another 600 euros in April. INPS has specified that from the moment of the opening of the VAT number there are 30 days to enroll in the separate management. So it is sufficient that on February 23 the VAT number was registered with the Revenue Agency. The bonus can be received even if the registration for separate management has been completed when the VAT number has not yet been indicated, perhaps because it is part of an associated study. In these cases, just indicate the extremes. For traders, artisans, direct and non-retired farmers, the 600 euros in March and April are paid if registration has been made in the related INPS social security management.

How the bonus changes in May: who can ask for it

For professionals enrolled in the separate management and not retired, in May it is possible to request the bonus if you have an active VAT number on May 19 and not only on February 23. Those who have undergone, in the second two months of 2020, a reduction of at least 33% of income compared to the second two months of last year can apply. The loss must be documented according to the cash principle, or as the difference between the revenues / fees received and the expenses incurred in carrying out the activities. In this case, it is necessary to submit a self-certification to INPS, which then carries out a check with the Revenue Agency, before issuing the One thousand Euro (higher figure than in March and April, when the bonus was independent of the drop in turnover).

The new requirements for traders and craftsmen

Merchants, craftsmen and direct growers they can apply to access the non-refundable contribution with new requirements: the VAT number must be active at the time of submitting the application and the revenues or fees of the last tax period must not exceed 5 million euros. There must also be a drop in turnover: in April the decrease must be less than two thirds compared to April 2019. The reduction in turnover is not a necessary requirement if the activity was started after January 2019 or if you have a domicile tax in a municipality affected by disasters resulting in a declaration of a state of emergency. The amount that will be disbursed is variable: it is 20% of the lost revenues (with comparison from April 2020 to April 2019) for those who do not exceed 400 thousand euros in turnover in 2019. 15% if the figure goes from 400 thousand euros to one million euros and 10% between one million and five million euros.

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