Who are the American Antifa that Trump wants to ban


“Antifascist action”, better known as Antifa, is a radical international collective present in many countries: from Germany to the United Kingdom, from Sweden to Italy to the United States. A movement that opposes neo-Nazis, fascism, white supremacists and racism.Antifa made itself known in America during the clashes against white supremacists at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Without a leader and organized in autonomous local cells, it was born in opposition to far-right movements , writes the New York Times, campaigning against actions they consider authoritarian, homophobic, racist or xenophobic. Although not affiliated with other leftist movements, their members sometimes work with networks of local activists such as the movement Occupy or Black Lives Matter.


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This galaxy of far-left organizations, some of which theorize and practice violent action like black blocs, has ended up in the sights of President Trump, who wants to put it on the list of terrorist organizations.

The birth

In the United States, the group began to grow after the election of President Trump in 2016, to counter the threat ofalt-right, the alternative right. One of the first groups in the United States to use the name Antifa wasRose City Antifa‘, Founded in 2007 in Portland. He has a large following on social media, where he shares news articles and sometimes tries to reveal the identities and personal information of figures of the American right.


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Criticism from left and right

The movement has been widely criticized by the traditional left and right. After protests in Berkeley, California, in August 2017, Nancy Pelosi denounced “the violent actions of people who call themselves Antifa” and said they should be arrested.

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