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Where to buy Bitcoin today. The collapse of yesterday’s world stock exchanges, which did not spare even the Nasdaq 100, which returned to 9,492 points after hitting 10,155 the day before, triggered today a real hunt for the Bitcoin, the digital currency that yesterday as the lists collapsed, gained 0.93%. We have fallen to 8312.26 in these days, far from the target 9950.00. But it continues to rise and recover well after storms. And that’s why many would like to buy it now.

Where to buy Bitcoins today

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched on the market in 2009: since then it has prompted various investors to dismantle other assets to focus on this, which among other things offers a high dose of confidentiality. Currently an investor cannot buy bitcoins in the bank, let alone will in the future. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and digital. They do not physically exist in the form of banknotes or coins and are not subject to control by banking or governmental entities. So you have to be very careful not to leave traces of your passwords around, because bitcoin-specialized hachers don’t wait for this. You can buy them directly on the sites of the issuers or from individuals who own them and want to sell them.

Speculate on Bitcoin through Cfd

Cfd platforms allow you to speculate on Bitcoins without owning them directly. Contracts for Difference (CFD) allow you to generate returns from frequent Bitcoin price swings. A CFD allows you to invest upwards but also downwards, you can sell short. So even if they are less expensive, they are still high-risk investments, where you can lose everything and even more in the blink of an eye.

Beware of scam platforms

Where to buy Bitcoin today? first of all, pay attention to scam platforms: it is better to rely on brokers associated with ESMA, which respect the laws in force in the EU for the protection and safeguard of traders.

The reference authorities are Consob and CySec. To rest assured of the reputation of those who offer us CFD on Bitcoin, just visit the website of the supervisory bodies and check the license number. It is always good to know that the best trading services are free of commissions: to facilitate new traders and individuals without experience.

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