Where are you? Where’s our leader while we’re on our knees?


“Where are you? Where is our leader while the whole community is on his knees?”. Dwayne Johnson he never mentions it, yet the goal is he: Donald Trump. A heartfelt video, a full-blown appeal in which “The Rock”, the million-dollar actor of sagas and blockbusters such as “Fast and Furious” and “Jumanji”, while never mentioning the President of the United States of America refers precisely to the maximum charge: “Where is our leader at the moment when our country is on his knees, pleading, pleading, injured, angry, frustrated, aching with open arms, who just wants to be heard?”.

The long message from The Rock

A long 8-minute message in which the Fast and Furious star addresses and asks for a “leadership” that is “compassionate” in this difficult time for the United States. Protests have continued for almost two weeks for the tragic and inconceivable death of George Floyd, suffocated by the compression of the neck. Posted five hours ago, the video briefly exceeded one million views:

Where is our compassionate leader who in our country on his knees extends a hand to tell us: “Get up with me because I hear you, I listen to you. And you have my word that I will do everything I can to create the necessary change, to normalize equality because black lives matter. Where are you? “

Dwayne Johnson and the desire to do politics

He clearly addresses Donald Trump and yet never mentions him: “Of course, all lives matter, but in this moment, in this decisive, crucial moment and in which our country is on its knees we must say the right words: the lives of blacks count”. Black Lives Matter, is the slogan. Donald Trump’s comments on the protests of these days have been bitterly criticized by politics and public figures, including Johnson who is asking for responsibility and leadership skills at the moment. It is no mystery that “The Rock” has repeatedly thought of running for politics and who knows if this isn’t an official first step.

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