When do the 2020 summer sales start? This year things will be different


Weren’t you looking forward to the sales? Maybe we have bad news. This year, in fact, things will go a little differently. If we are used to having sales in July, summer 2020 brings a surprise. And this mainly because of the serious situation that Italy is facing. The epidemic has turned everything upside down. And he did it also on economic life. therefore, When do the 2020 summer sales start? This year things will be different.

When do the 2020 summer sales start? This year things will be different

For the first time there will be a single date for all of Italy. The sales start day will be August 1st. It was decided to postpone the start of the sales for a specific reason. In this way, in fact, i shops they will be able to recover some lost profits due to the forced closure. It was there Conference of the Regions, chaired by the Governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, to decide this date.

So if last year we had seen the sales on the windows since 6 July, this year we will have to be patient. But the reason is more than valid, so just adapt to the new times.

However, there is good news. Since the sales will start so late, they will probably be extended until October. So, no fear. There will be time to shop!

Will there be exceptions?

It is possible that, as in any situation, there will be exceptions in this case too. In fact, some regions may decide to start the sales earlier. And therefore it is not excluded that the shops in some areas of Italy will offer the sales already from July. But, if you want to be sure, in the meantime you can take advantage of some discounts elsewhere. If you have noticed, some online sites have already applied the sales. Discounts are in fact provided on various virtual stores.

So don’t worry. If you really can’t do it and want to start discounted purchases, you can turn your attention online. Wait a few more weeks, and the sales will also be accessible in real stores!

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