WhatsApp, the apps to recover deleted messages: how they work


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How many times has it happened, perhaps by mistake, to delete a message from Whatsapp , of archive a chat and that you regretted doing it. A very common case that exposes users to finding solutions to remedy it. A backup of the application is not always a viable option, especially for the less experienced but not all is lost.

There are, in fact, some applications which allow you to scan the memory of your device and possibly recover the Whatsapp messages stored or mistakenly deleted in the various chats. Here are some of them.

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WhatsApp, the apps for recovering messages

The first application that we present is EaseUS MobiSaver, available for Android devices. After downloading it from the PlayStore and installing it, just select the WhatsApp Recovery function from the main screen. Starting the function allows a memory scan, at the end of which the sent messages that can be recovered are shown. To view them, just select the desired chat.

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Another application useful for the purpose, always available for Android is Undeleter. Operation is very simple. After the installation and the various permits granted to the User Licenses, the Restore Data option must be chosen together with the WhatsApp icon. This will start the recovery of the chats with the opportunity to restore the messages and save them.

The third option is WARM, an additional app that “archives” the sent messages and keeps them in memory even if the user has decided to delete them from Whatsapp. In this too, after installation, it is necessary to consent to the privacy policies for sharing and storing data.

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