Whatsapp scam, suspicious message reported by users


June 30, 2020

Another scam linked to the use, now daily and widespread, of Whatsapp. This is not a new fraud, but an unwelcome return: a message that promises one recharge of 10 EUR sending a 5, but which instead has the sole purpose of blowing the money turned over by the user.

How to recognize the 10 euro scam

Whatsapp scams focus on large numbers. Messaging users exceed the billion, and it is therefore statistically certain that someone can fall into a trap. But how does the fraud returned to office after a few months of absence? The user receives a message by a contact that promises a top-up of 10 euros in exchange for sending 5 euros, to be paid by clicking on link accompanying the promotion. The link takes you to a screen where you can enter your data, thus losing your money: they will be deducted from credit residue.

The other ‘successful’ scam: the theft of the profile picture

Another scam that has been around for a long time, which had its exploit during the quarantine, is the one that uses thepicture profile of one of the contacts in the address book of the unfortunate user. The mechanism is always the same: in the message sent from the account fakein fact, there is a request for top-up on a Postepay. The scam therefore leverages the possibility that the user bites, seeing the request coming from a trusted contact.

How to report a scam on Whatsapp

The only way to stop the spread of these online frauds is report them directly within Whatsapp. Doing so is very simple, because the app allows you to ‘report’ the unknown number from which you receive a message for the first time. Here are the steps to follow:

  • open the chat;
  • touch the name of the contact or group to open the screen that leads to profile information;
  • scroll down and choose ‘Report contact’ or ‘Report group’;
  • received the report, Whatsapp will proceed to the verification.

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