WhatsApp and Telegram surpassed by a competitor: here is the safest app


The two giants of instant messaging, WhatsApp and Telegram, suffer an unexpected overtaking. Here is which app has passed them for guaranteed security.

An app surpasses the two giants of messaging (Photo: Pixabay)

A new rival is ready to undermine the primacy of Whatsapp is Telegram, in the world of instant messaging. In fact, according to the latest statistics, there is an app that is attracting more and more users day after day. We are talking about Signal, an application that in the past was even sponsored by theEuropean Union.

In fact, the app that he has as co-founder Brian Acton, former founder of WhatsApp, is climbing the charts. The Acton project was born in 2017, in the company of Moxie Marlinspike. But let’s go into the specifics of all the potential of the application, but above all the features that are attracting more and more users.

WhatsApp and Telegram are warned: Signal, the new competitor, arrives

Signal, the app ready to compete with the message giants (via WebSource)

The main goal of the new company is to convince more and more users to switch to Signal. In fact, Acton wants to guarantee its users a service that offers them maximum security.

Already in the past, Signal itself has explained how it wants to guarantee the safety of its users, announcing the use of very advanced encryption. This encryption, in fact, is present in the protocol Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman (X3DH), in the algorithm Double Ratchet. In addition, this encryption integrated the pre-keys: Curve25519, AES-256 and HMAC-SHA256.

Another feature that convinces users to switch to Signal, is the lack of external servers that can hold conversations. To all this will be added a new feature, which will allow the user to transmit the historical messages from iOS to another Apple device with maximum security and without the use of external connections.

Finally, to do all this, just have the Bluetooth or a simple connection to Wifi, to then scan the QR code. In this way the transfer will not take place online, but only through the two devices.


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