WhatsApp, a new update arrives: what changes and news


The news on WhatsApp never stops, in fact a new update is ready to arrive. Let’s see what changes on the messaging app.

What changes with the new update on WhatsApp (via WebSource)

In the last period there have been few criticisms of Whatsapp on the usual matters related to privacy, yet the communication giant is ready to strengthen itself with a new update. In fact, one of the most praised qualities of the application is that of always knowing how to find an update that will not bore users.

It was a period of success for the app acquired by Mark Zuckerberg, which has managed to keep the competition at bay with various updates. We can indeed remember theadding video calls with up to fifty users, or the new rules to avoid the annoying St. Anthony chains. So let’s see what will change with the new update and if there will be new features for the Zuckerberg app.

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WhatsApp, here is the new update: all the news

WhatsApp update
All the new features of the app (Photo: Pixabay)

According to the new update available on the application of Facebook group, the function to use your account will be officially implemented across multiple devices. A function requested for some time by users, who will finally be able to benefit from one of their proposals. Thanks to the update, in fact, it will not be necessary to disconnect from the primary device, to access from a new device.

The update was thus made official by WhatsApp itself, even if the company still has to communicate the date exact for the availability to access the new functionality. At the moment the application would be testing the new functionality on his beta version. The official date for the new update should be announced in the next few days. We will see if in addition to the multi-device functionality some new updates will be introduced.


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