WhatsApp, a function returns with the new update: here’s what it is


Once again WhatsApp is ready to update and this time it will return an old function. We are talking about Camera: let’s find out how it works.

A function is ready to return to the app (Pixabay)

It continues to evolve more and more Whatsapp, the messaging application, which in recent months has added more than one different function to keep competition at bay. With the new update, the app aims to do go back to an old function, canceled now quite a while ago.

In fact, the Silicon Valley app is ready to launch the update version, to Beta on Android. With this brand new update, one of the most popular user functions is ready to return, we are talking about “Room“. So let’s find out all the details of the return of the old function, discovering what it is and how it works.

WhatsApp, the camera function is back: a useful and practical shortcut

Whatsapp function
All the details on the new app update (photo Pixabay)

So in just over a couple of weeks, WhatsApp launches a new update on the Beta version for Android. In fact, with the new update, the Camera function. It will be possible to find the “new” function at the top right by clicking on the paperclip.

The icon, previously, had been temporarily eliminated to make room for the “Room“, Useful for video calls of up to 50 users. So the shortcut returns “Room“, Especially useful for accessing the camera directly from the app.

Once again, so developers have been hearing the complaints from users online, which have clamored for the return of the function. Despite the new update, not a few users have encountered it some problems. In fact, many have pointed out to developers some problems with notifications for receiving and reading messages, specially in groups. However, the app is already working on the bug and is ready to fix it.

At the moment the update will be available only for Android. To install it is simple: just search for WhatsApp in the PlayStore, click on the Icon and then click again on Refresh and within 30 seconds the application will be updated.


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