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Today was supposed to be the big day of SS5, finally protagonist of the wait presentation official who would introduce us to the console design and show some of the games coming out. The event, however, has been postponed to a date due to the current situation in the USA, so we will still have to wait.

A right or wrong decision? We are not interested in making a judgment, but rather in discussing ours forecasts on the reveal and on what we would have seen on these screens starting at 22.00, Italian time, at the height of the long celebratory marathon that Multiplayer.it had prepared for the occasion.

First point: we will finally discover the design of PS5, imagined so far by numerous artists with more or less interesting, more or less plausible concepts, but which will inevitably be different from the actual aesthetics of the new platform Sony.

According to some of the latest rumors, the console will be very large and with unique features, but we still do not even know if the Japanese house will maintain the desktop-style approach or, as Xbox Series X, will focus on a form factor that develops vertically.

Second point: we will see it in action with a series of games that actually run on PlayStation 5, instead of using a PC with similar characteristics. These will mainly be first party productions, starting with the latest titles released on PS4, specifically The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.

We can therefore find out how the backward compatibility of PS5 works, how it improves the titles designed for the previous generation, if updates and anything else are needed, along the lines of the Smart Delivery Xbox Series X.

Ps5 Logo

Third point: we will know some of the new ones exclusive Sony arriving with the launch line-up, because it would make no sense to present a console without also revealing the software designed specifically for it: from this point of view the Japanese house policy stands out quite clearly compared to the choices made by Microsoft.

And if maybe it’s too early to see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in action, the same cannot be said of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, which will be presented together with PS5 as the new chapter of the series has already been signed for some time Guerrilla Games is referred to as a launch title for the platform.

PS5, the postponed presentation and our forecasts: what would we see tonight?

Fourth point: we will see some games of the third parts, maybe not a demo of gameplay (true, this time) of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla because of the agreements in place with Microsoft, but some sequences of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, protagonist today of a leak.

We also expect the presence of titles such as Godfall and Quantum Error, perhaps Cyberpunk 2077 where CD Projekt RED has already prepared a working build on PlayStation 5. And then Fortnite, of course, to provide a first, concrete taste of the potential of theUnreal Engine 5.

PS5, the postponed presentation and our forecasts: what would we see tonight?

What we probably won’t see during the PS5 presentation is the price of the console. As said several times, it is the only element that can be changed until the end and Sony is unlikely to announce it before knowing the intentions of Microsoft.

At this point it remains to be understood when it will be possible to reprogram the reveal and if Sony will be so good as to avoid leaks now more and more likely, being PlayStation 5 officially in production and therefore under the eyes of an increasing number of professionals.

Do you agree with our predictions? Are there any features that will be revealed during the presentation of PS5 and that have not been discussed yet? How many and which games will be present? When will the event be rescheduled? Let’s talk about.

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