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It would take Ariadne’s thread to extricate herself in the maze and in the changing internal alliances of the m5s, of the disagreements with snake relatives, one can only try to make hypotheses, which find the time and space of the hypotheses without any ambition to be the truth, of just hatch it.

What is certain is that the rift that has always undermined the unity of the much-vaunted ideological “monobloc” starts directly from the head and slowly spreads downwards. with branches and arms of cracks that tear the load-bearing walls.

Unity has always been just a slogan of communication, an order of drums claimed, but the truth is a union of intents and objectives that has never existed except in the very first moments, and in fact many groups have detached themselves in the years and have given birth to the most diverse experiences.

It must be said that even that unity of the beginning was based on a misunderstanding: each meetup, each territorial group gave itself its particular interpretation, and each interpreted differently. This did not happen by chance, it was purposely wanted, for this reason it was granted, because it was functional in order to inflate the wave, to gather all possible dissent to compact it in consensus.

It was inevitable, therefore, that that apparent unity would gradually be lost over time, ending up in many streams until it was pulverized, the surrender of the facts and the clash with reality.

Why didn’t Dibba apply again in 2018?

One hypothesis of many was that he was “kept aside” specifically by Casaleggio as a second card, where Di Maio had “lost his hand”. More likely, today, the hypothesis that it has been kept aside strategically, and with enviable foresight, to “undermine” a Di Maio that has become too cumbersome, has gotten out of hand in the shadow direction of Casaleggio seems likely.

And the opportune moment is today, for this Dibba is back, it is now useful in an attempt to contrast the granite and absolutist kingdom built with care and zeal by the tireless ambition of the current Foreign Minister, former vice president of the Chamber, former political leader undisputed and indisputable of the M5s, former “vice premier” of the first Earl, former Minister of Economic Development, former Minister of Labor, all at just 33 years of age.

But Di Maio did not think only of himself, or rather, thinking of himself he knew how to build around him a fort, consensus and structure, a small army of loyalists, there are about seventy only from Pomigliano in strategic positions, and many loyal among elected parliamentarians and hopeful activists, ready to act as his shield and echo, in order to be brought with him, compact, this time yes, like a tortoise.

We must admit that Di Maio has demonstrated exceptional skills in recent years and a fierce attachment to the goal that makes it difficult to manage and replace.

Yet, now that the terms of the end of the second term are approaching, the problem arises enormously for Luigi and his colleagues, the question of the second term is like a pink elephant in the middle of the room. How will Casaleggio make the elephant evident to everyone and make it known to Di Maio and his followers? It is his only chance if he wants to get rid of the bulky bulk of his own creature.

It will not be easy, that’s why the M5s appears to be torn by at least two obvious and macroscopic discordant internal interests that pull and that will probably lead to tearing.

Everyone will pull and tear until they have a piece of M5s in their hand and make their own project.

On the one hand, the Casaleggio that aspires to an anonymous group, easily managed remotely, from a shadow and external direction. It has no interest in the M5s being governed by great personalities, on the contrary, it only wants to manage a discreet, useful power, capable of controlling the dynamics and interests of a certain part of the country consistently with its corporate interests.

On the other hand, Luigi Di Maio, who does not want dead weights and towing ideologies, wants to be, and has declared it, the needle of the balance of present and future governments, he wants a lean and fast group, capable of always being and forever with the majority on duty. A political force that is positioned in the Center, but which is said to be opportunistically post ideological, so as to be able to lean on the right and left plan if necessary without too much difficulty, a 14/15%, a few trusted men and a good slice of power that gives him the possibility to manage, from here to his eternity, always, some important ministry, some undersecretary and commission president, besides of course many of the strategic appointments that remain in the hands of politics.

Who goes behind whom? Are the pure, idealists still there? The internal beautiful souls are still many and often suffering, will they still be deluded by one or the other?

Here, that’s why Beppe Grillo reappears, ready to take a step forward this time.

Is there another piece? Another possibility, another piece of torn yellow cloth left for him too? and if so, who will he be with? With Conte, with Fico? With who?

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