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what will happen ”- SOS Fanta


of 11 June 2020 at 22:36

There is a fundamental news for the A league. Alessandro Alciato tells it on the Sky Sports: “Buffers for the whole team group at most every 48 hours and, in the case of a positive player at Covid-19, the teammates authorized to play if negative to two consecutive buffers. There formula is almost magical for Italian football.

Making it easier: with one player infected by Covid and two negative swabs in 96 hours for everyone else, however, a team will have the go-ahead to return to the field. So, the quarantine from the 14 days foreseen by the current protocol would pass to only 4 days. Here it is, the way to end the championships ”, they explain from Sky.

Alciato adds more: “The turning point save Serie A is around the corner. Federal President Gravina he had always said so, with the quarantine currently provided for by the protocol – the whole team retiring for two weeks in the event of a positive team member – the championship would hardly have finished within the deadline. And for this he has worked closely, even in the last hours, with the Minister of Health, Hope, with that of Sport Spadafora and with the Government Scientific Technical Committee. L’ok final is obviously expected by June 20, when Turin-Parma will officially restart Serie A. At the same time, work continues on the possibility, for the last games of the season, to fill the stadiums for a certain percentage of their respective capacities “.

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