“What was Ferranti del Pd doing at dinner with Albamonte?” – Free newspaper


Hunted by the ANM for the wiretapping scandal, right from the start Luca Palamara threatened revenge. “I will not be a scapegoat”, “I will make names”. And the toga that insulted Matteo Salvini he wasted no time. Start naming, telling the “system”. He also does it in an interview with Everyday occurrence, where he immediately brings up the Democratic Party. “How many people in recent years have come to me to propose?”, He said. And he adds that he is determined to “prove it anywhere”. But who are you referring to? “TO Eugenio Albamonte is Donatella Ferranti, for example. As far as I know, they frequented each other as I met Luca Lotti is Cosimo Ferri. I don’t think they only talked about football. “In short, do you think they discussed appointments in the judicial offices?”Let’s say I can’t rule it out. There was also a relationship between Ferranti and the vice president of the CSM David Ermini: they were party companions “.

To be clear, Albamonte is secretary of the current Area and former president of the ANM. Ferranti instead is a magistrate, a former MP deputy. “What were Albamonte and Ferranti doing for dinner?” Palamara urges. Incidentally, Ferranti in intercepted chats Palamara is only interested in the appointment of a judicial office: he asks Palamara, in November 2017, to act as “guarantor” for Francesco Salzano as advocate general. No personal request. And Palamara, referring to those wiretaps, adds sharply: “Can we rule out not having talked to Albamonte about it?”.

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