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New Delhi: You will remember when February this year When riots were taking place in the country’s capital, Delhi, United States President Donald Trump was visiting India. At that time, fragmented gangs, design journalists and intellectuals sitting in our country had insisted that they should have made Trump criticize India or at least say that Trump is very concerned about India’s situation. . But Trump exceeded his expectations and said nothing on the matter. That’s why we call these people vultures of journalism. All these people’s effort is only to defame the country in some way, celebrate, applaud and criticize international criticism of India.

Now, when riots occur in America, these people are absolutely silent. 25 In May, a black citizen in the United States was strangled to death by police. The name of this black American is George Floyd, but after this murder, a word did not emerge from the words of these people. In this incident, these people don’t see the violation of human rights, they don’t care about America’s minorities. These people are inciting the country’s Muslims and Dalits by basing the unrest in America and saying that similar violent demonstrations should also take place in India.

These riots occur in America since the killing of a black citizen by the police. Things got so bad that the world’s most powerful man and President Donald Trump had to take refuge in a bunker in the White House. This bunker is used during terrorist incidents. The rebels and protesters reached Washington DC, the capital of the United States, and for this reason all the lights outside the White House had to be turned off on Saturday night.
Protesters reached the White House on Saturday night and several arson attacks took place near the White House. These demonstrations caused the exterior lights of the White House to go out and the White House sank completely into darkness.

25 in the city of Minneapolis, United States in May 46 George Floyd, an American of color of the year, was arrested by the police. George Floyd was accused of buying cigarettes on a false $ 20 note. The police who reached the point arrested George Floyd and a policeman put a knee on his neck to prevent him from escaping. The accused policeman is said to have pressed George Floyd’s neck below the knee for 8 minutes 46 seconds. Kept, because of which George gave in and died. Since then, protests have started in all cities of America, including Minneapolis, and these protests have taken the form of looting and fire in many places. Now showrooms are being looted in some cities of America, super stores are being looted somewhere, so people have also started robbing jewelry stores.

The American city of Minneapolis arrives in the US state of Minnesota and the National Guard has now been removed to Minnesota to control the situation. The National Guard is part of the U.S. Army and for the first time since World War II, military help is being sought to control the riots in the state of Minnesota. Other than that, there are at least seven states of America where preparations have been made to call the National Guard. During this period some demonstrators resort to violence and while some people hold peaceful demonstrations. These people are spreading slogans like Black Life Matters and I Cant Breath. But to understand how the situation in America got out of control and how the killing of a black citizen burned so many American cities in the fire of riots, you need to understand the history and population of America.

Today in America what are called White or White American are not originally from America. Native Americans are called American Indians or red Indians. 15 In the 20th century, when the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus set off in search of India and made a mistake When he reached America, due to a misunderstanding, he called the natives as Indians and later, when India was discovered , due to the difference in skin color, the original inhabitants of America were called red Indians. Although now the words Native American or Indian American are used for them.

Most of the white citizens in America today, their ancestors came from areas such as Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. But today their share in the American population is close to 75 percent, while the share of the original inhabitants in the American population remains below 2 percent. He has gone.

Ancestor of 17 percent of American whites living in America They were of German origin, while 12 percent Irish, 9 percent English, 6 percent The ancestors of Italian, 4 percent French and 3 percent white Americans are of Polish origin. In addition, about 12 African Americans live in the United States and these are in the United States. It is called Black or Black. While the number of Asian-born citizens in the United States is around 5.6 percent.

This means that America is established by people from outside and therefore America is also called the country of migrants or the country of immigrants. America has been the center of several cultures, but today America is losing its luster and the demonstrations and riots in America also inform it. The history of apartheid in America is very ancient. For the first time in the year 1619 people of African origin were brought to America as slaves and from today

Years ago 1868, for the first time, these blacks gained citizenship status in America. But 400 hasn’t changed much in America even after years. Slavery is over, but apartheid is still part of American society.

Large-scale riots and demonstrations in America show that black people in America have not yet obtained the justice and the place they requested. For this reason 50 in the United States and 1619 saw mass demonstrations in the decade and Martin Luther King Jr. became the main face of these movements. Martin Luther King Jr. considered Mahatma Gandhi his ideal and said that violence has no place in the movements. But once in one of his famous speeches, he also said that riots are made by people whose voices are not heard anywhere.

Looking at the current situation in America, many people say that America is 60 again. It is going in the decade. Black citizens in America don’t get promotion opportunities. But the roots of apartheid in America are so strong that most black citizens are still fighting for their rights. But you should know some important reasons for what happened in America in the past 6 days.

The first reason is the American justice system, accused of discriminating against blacks. For example the year 2015-16 The percentage of school-age blacks in America is only 15 percent. era. But their percentage 35 in students suspended or suspended from school and removed forever from school Their share was 36 percent in the given students. According to a report from the New York Civil Liberties Union, 88 the percentage of people arrested by the New York traffic police was black or Latin. They were of origin. And of these 70 percentages there were no mistakes.
A study on murder cases reported in the US state of North Carolinac from 1980 to 2007 Gone. In this study, it was revealed that if a white American, i.e. a white American, is killed, the killer is three times more likely to get the death penalty.

According to a study, a white citizen is more likely to get a job or interview call than a black citizen 50 The percentage is high because companies guess the candidate’s color by looking at the name written on the resume. The list of discrimination against blacks and people of Asian descent in America is very long and all these figures make clear that there is a difference between America’s words and actions. But there is another reason why these protests are happening in America and is that in the United States the police have been given many powers and weapons to act on the basis of doubt. But the accused does not have much chance of defense. There is a lot of anger among the people because of the lack of police reforms in America.

The third major reason for these movements is the rise in unemployment in America. Because of the Corona virus, around 40 million people have become unemployed in America and looting episodes are on the rise due to lack of jobs. And the fourth reason is the lack of opposition in America. American politics is very different from India. There the parties do not discuss national issues as much as local issues. On very rare occasions in America, you will hear an opposition leader talking about national issues. In America, the debate on these issues is mainly during the television debates and in this too, critics take the place of most of the leaders. If some of the great opposition leaders in America speak about these issues, their language is often not to add but to break.

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