What is the most used browser in 2020?


Google Chrome is confirmed to be the most used browser by users during the early months of 2020. To disseminate these data was Net ApplicationsCalifornian company specialized in market analysis. The browser developed by the giant is found, for the fifth consecutive month, with ever-growing data.

According to this analysis, Chrome is estimated to have conquered the 69.8% market share. It is therefore one step away from the absolute record earned by Microsoft, with the much criticized Internet Explorer, in 2008. At that time, the browser that is now retired had a market share of 70%.

Clearly, Google is firmly in first place in this sector, but there is no shortage of competitors. In second place is Microsoft, with Edge, which has been growing more and more over the past few months. The browser could reach 10.3% of users by 2021. There is following Mozilla Firefox, with 7.2% as of May 2020.

The Google Chrome success it depends especially on its quality, on continuous updates (including the removal of invasive advertising), on the refined design and on the numerous add-ons.

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