what is the license transfer? Virtus and Partizan at the window


The panathinaikos story opens multiple scenarios for the EuroLeague 2020-2021 season. As known, Segafredo Virtus Bologna has expressed a strong interest in entering the competition, as has Partizan Belgrade.

Reading the EuroLeague rules, you get to chapter IV, article 15 (Transfer of license).

“Only licensed clubs can grant the license to another club, subject to the approval of the General Assembly, which will be confirmed by euroleague Ventures (EV) and provided that it meets the specific requirements. In no case can a licensed club that has not participated for at least three consecutive seasons (with a License) make such a transfer »

Article 17.

“Any change between clubs, whatever the motivation, will entail the obligation for the old member to sell his ECA shares according to the procedures, considerations and price criteria established by the General Assembly”

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