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Movements, templates, self-certification: what has changed since June 3rd

What changes and what doesn’t after June 3? Many restrictions and obligations that have accompanied us over the past few months will disappear with the beginning of a new phase of coexistence with Coronavirus in Italy. First of all, from 3 June self-certification will no longer be necessary, it will not be mandatory to use it even for travel between regions. From Wednesday, therefore, it will be possible to circulate freely without any justification since the last prohibition still in force will fall and that made self-certification still necessary, or the movement between regions now allowed only for family needs, health or work reasons . The indication is contained in the current dpcm, the same which also provides for the end of the ban on interregional travel. From June 3, therefore, it will be possible not only to move freely between the regions, but the 14-day quarantine obligation will also fall for those coming from the countries of the Schengen area and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, from June 15 summer centers for children, cinemas, theaters and museums will reopen. The obligation of one meter social distancing remains for both staff and spectators, with the maximum number of 1,000 spectators for outdoor performances and 200 people for indoor performances, for each individual hall.


The mask will instead remain the object that we cannot abandon. It will be mandatory in indoor places accessible to the public, such as in supermarkets, on means of transport and also in open places where it is possible for gatherings to occur, such as in front of bus stops. The social distance of one meter remains to be applied in restaurants, bars, hairdressers, offices and on the street. Assemblies will still be prohibited on the whole national territory. Those who have a fever above 37.5 degrees or a respiratory infection will have to stay at home, as well as those in quarantine.

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