What can be done from June 15 (and what remains prohibited): guide to phase 3


We return to the cinema and theater, but not yet in the disco, and in many regions masks remain mandatory: here’s what you can do from June 15

What can be done from June 15th and what is still prohibited? A new dpcm further eases the restrictive measures and will remain in force at least until July 14th, when new measures will be taken based on the infections.

In short?

To begin with we return to the cinema and theater, albeit with due limitations.

While the discos remain closed (at least for the moment): you will have to wait, even if the regulations are already there.

They’re reopening wellness and spa centers, in addition to ski areas (for regulations on huts and refuges, better refer to the indications and guidelines of the individual regions).

Do you have children or grandchildren? From 15 will be able to leave summer centres.

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What can be done from June 15th: cinema, shows and culture start again

Green light to the shows in theaters, concerts and cinemas or in other spaces (indoors and outdoors), with a maximum number of spectators allowed.

In addition to with pre-assigned and spaced seats at least one meter (except for cohabitating spectators).

Green light also for i museums (but some had already reopened), always respecting the rules of distancing.

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Discos remain closed (for now)

For the time being, they will not reopen, despite the reopening guidelines having been approved by the State-Regions Conference.

Maybe we will have to wait for July 14th, as well as for dance halls, fairs and congresses.


What can be done from June 15th: green light to the spa

The activities of wellness centers and spas, but only if the Regions and the autonomous provinces have previously verified the compatibility of the opening with the trend of the epidemiological situation in the various territories, also identifying guidelines.

The ski areas also reopen.

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You can travel (almost anywhere)

They are not subject to limitation travel to and from the following countries: Member States of the European Union, States party to the Shengen Agreement, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Andorra, Monaco.

But it is always good to inquire about the types of reception and entrance of each country.

Until June 30, travel to and from different states is forbidden (such as the United States of America), except for proven work needs, of absolute urgency, of health.

For the rest: they are cruises suspended.


Physical spacing and masks remain mandatory (in some cities and regions even outdoors)

It is forbidden to leave the house with a temperature of over 37.5 °: it is essential to call the doctor, in that case.

No to gatherings, yes to distancing physical at least one meter.

Mandatory mask in indoor premises such as shops, public transport and restaurants, until you arrive at your table (but you have to put it back if you go to the bathroom or when you go to pay at the cash desk).

In some cities in Regions, such as in Lombardy and Piedmont (and in Tuscany and Liguria if you are in crowded places), the mask remains mandatory even outdoors (at least) until the end of June.

(photo: Mika Baumeister, Unsplash)

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