what are the games we could see at the july event?


Although Microsoft has not yet made official the date of the event in July, it is now less and less missing to reveal the games coming up on Xbox Series X and there is great curiosity on the part of gamers to find out what is boiling in the pot in the studios of the first party teams of the Colossus of Redmond.

At the moment we only know that among the protagonists of the event there will be Halo Infinite, a game that has been talked about in the last few days thanks to the publication of interesting teasers that allow us to guess the return of the enemies seen in Halo Wars. With the exception of the 343 Industries shooter, among the possible titles that we will see in a few weeks we find the new game being developed by the team The Initiative, the much talked about Fable 4, the next chapter of Forza Motorsport is Perfect Dark. Very likely is also the presentation of free updates with the Smart Delivery of games that will already be available when Xbox Series X reaches the shelves as Wasteland 3 is Grounded. A possible return to the stage of is not excluded Age of Empires IV, which could also launch on the Microsoft console with lots of mouse and keyboard support

To accompany the reveal of the new games there could also be the official announcement of the Xbox Series S, the much talked about Microsoft console with a more affordable price and less performing hardware than the flagship machine.

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