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                Finally the reaction of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden also arrives: "A president has a duty to take care of everyone, not only his supporters, but all citizens ... Trump that Bible should open it, because inside there are messages of love , he should read it instead of brandishing it ... This is a president who orders to throw tear gas and grenades on peaceful demonstrators to take a picture "               </p><div>
                <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Disgust. Yet I had offered this administration a chance, a chance to show what it was capable of at a time of crisis. Because when everything goes well, everyone is good, especially with a team behind him, which the President of the United States certainly does not miss. At the outbreak of the pandemic, after the initial denial, I gave this president a chance, I listened to the press conferences, I waited. But the discomfort started to take hold of me. More and more inadequate, always aggressive with the reporters, always plaintive, always trying to blame others, always reacting frantically, like an offended child when asked unwelcome questions. </span>

That discomfort became anguish, anger and indignation yesterday, after a week in which this nation is in turmoil, with demonstrations in many cities, due to the unworthy spectacle of a murder perpetrated by the police. Police forces who are supposed to protect us, who wear a uniform to defend citizens, all of them, and who instead constantly abuse their power. That video, where in four (because all four are guilty), let a man die suffocated for 9 minutes, under the bewildered eyes of all passers-by, perpetrating a frightening and senseless execution of the square, which shows how much to their eyes are worth nothing, as they feel above the laws of men, untouchable.

And in the midst of a black crisis, which smacks of civil war, what does the president do?

A speech where he threatens the use of the army against demonstrators, where he uses the term “dominate” the streets, he wants to “dominate” the cities, send the army, because he is a strong man, he is the embodiment of principles of “law and order” and of civil repression, he is not like those loose men of mayors and democratic governors, who just shoot rubber bullets every now and then and allow their cities to be destroyed. Instead of showing solidarity with mayors and administrators (forgetting that the same things happen in republican states) he insults them, as he usually does.

But it does even more. Because there is never an end to the worst. After launching these defiant words in a moment of despair and civil anger, he orders the police to fire tear gas on the peaceful demonstrators who were walking across the garden that separates them from the White House.

The police disperse them with gas, pepper spray, horses that overwhelm people. For what reason? Because he wants to take a nice picture. A photo in front of the Church of St. John’s, an Episcopal Protestant church, where presidents usually go on various occasions. A photo where he wields a Bible, another where he appears with his staff, all white, all men except a woman. An even more divisive, lacerating image: a Bible brandished to demonstrate that the Christian, Protestant religion is welcome in America and that the whites command, who are the ones to exercise strength, power and “domination”.

The pastor of the Church, a woman, Marianne E. Barre, is seething with anger when she talks about what has happened. Barely holding back the tears:

“The president did not enter the church, did not pray, did not even mention George Floyd, did not mention the agony of the people who have been victims of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of centuries … I am the bishop of the episcopal diocese of Washington and no one called me, nor warned that they would use tear gas to clear the street and take a picture in front of our church, just for propaganda … God is love, but all that the president said instead ignites the violence, we need to moral leadership, unity and brotherhood ”.

To his voice is added that of Reverend Robert W. Fisher, rector of the church, who expresses bewilderment and anger at the outrageous and offensive political manipulation of their religious community and a religious symbol.

This pale leader without leadership attacks because he has no arguments, insult is the weapon of those who have nothing else. The insult and the continuous attempt to delegitimize the opponent through nicknames and unfounded accusations only shows weakness, insecurity, inadequacy. A strong leader does not need these mezzucci to assert himself, facts count, not words.

There is no need to create phantom “Obamagate”, because in this way it only shows the ferocious envy he feels towards a real president, a president who knew how to speak to everyone, unite and conciliate. These are the abilities of a leader: to offer a vision of the future for everyone, to inflame the souls of passion, not violence, to speak to all communities, from all cultures and backgrounds.

America is multiracial and multicultural, as the Republican Ronald Reagan also remembered, who in his last speech thanked the immigrants and underlined their importance for an open and welcoming country like the United States. This is the strength of this country and not understanding it simply means destroying it from the ground up. This is why many Republicans are also abandoning Trump and founding the Lincoln Project, which strongly criticizes self-destructive and socially irresponsible leadership.

Painting by Flavio Bragaloni

This is a country that is not more welcoming. Trump’s America welcomes and legitimizes only Christians, whites, owners of weapons.
True leadership is that of the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, who asks his community not to go down the streets to destroy shops but to fight together because change the culture of the country. LThe leadership is that of one of Floyd’s brothers, who yesterday spoke to his community in Minneapolis asking to quell the protests and to get informed, to educate himself, to go to vote, from administrative to national elections, to go to vote to change the things.

Even the Democrat candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, today made strong dissent statements about what Trump did and his leadership:

Trump is more interested in power than in principles. A president has a duty to take care of everyone, not only his supporters, but all citizens … Trump that Bible should open it, because inside there are messages of love, he should read it instead of brandishing it … This is a president who orders throwing tear gas and grenades on peaceful demonstrators to take a picture ”.

Biden also condemns the violence, looting and destruction, but says he supports and understands the frustration of a community that “has had a knee on its neck for centuries” and wants to be heard, because the time for reform never ends.

In November, all this will change, and it is the only hope for the salvation of this country torn by anger, otherwise started to the slow and incessant cancellation of civil rights, to an even greater social disparity and to tensions that could be fatal for democratic stability. .


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