What a pity Brave! By redirecting traffic, the browser made money behind its users


Giovanni Bortolan

Those of you who have tried Brave Browser almost certainly did it by marrying its promises, namely to provide a browser based on privacy, on security andintegrated ad-block. However, it’s not all roses, and Brave seems to have combined it big. And it is not the first time, in March of this year the software was caught with the hands in the jam for having set up an agreement of marketing affiliations with eToro not very transparent.

Summarizing the story, whenever a user tried to enter his / her cryptocurrency balance sheet (on sites such as Bilance.us), the default system replaced the user’s referral information and replaced it with their own affiliation codes. Cryptonator1337, the user who discovered this matter, in fact showed how the entry “ref = 25089877” was automatically added to the Binance.us URL to allow Brave to monetize and profit from operations, following the same mechanism as Amazon referrals or other e-commerce sites.

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Following this discovery, the CEO Brendan Eich He admitted “We made a mistake and are now correcting: by default, Brave autocomplete “binance.us” when typed in the address bar by hand by adding an affiliate code“. And indeed it is so, apparently from the source code on Github the browser now has auto-completion disabled by default. This does not mean that the behavior of the company has been extremely not very correct towards users and, taking up the words of David Gerard, today as today there is not really a good reason to continue using Brave.

Source: davidgerard.co.uk

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