Werder Bremen Eintracht Frankfurt: goals and highlights


The recovery of the 24th day of the Bundesliga goes to Hutter’s team. The Eintracht conquered the Weser Stadion thanks to André Silva and Ilsanker (lightning goal and two goals). Werder remains penultimate in the league. For the Frankfurt team a decisive leap towards quiet ranking positions


61 ‘A. Silva, 81’ and 90 ‘Ilsanker

WERDER BREMEN (3-4-3): Pavlenka; Veljkovic, Vogt (83 ‘Woltemade), Moisander; Gebre Selassie, M. Eggestein, Klaassen, Friedl (76 ‘Bittencourt); Bartels (61 ‘Raschica), Selke (61’ Sargent), Osako (76 ‘Augustinsson). Att. Kohfeldt

EINTRACHT FRANKFURT (3-4-2-1): Trapp; Abraham, Hasebe, Hinteregger; Kohr, Rode (81 ‘Ilsanker), Kostic, Toure; Kamada (76 ‘Sow), Gacinovic (88’ De Guzman) Silva (76 ‘Dost). Att. Hütter

Ammonites: Bartels (W), Hinteregger (E), Veljkovic (W)

It was to be the final turning point for Werder. A victory would have given high hopes of salvation. For Eintracht, conquering the Weser Stadion would have meant, instead, giving a definitive kick to the dangerous positions of the classification. In short, more or less a salvation challenge in which both played a lot. However, the quality of the Eintracht made the difference, Werder proved to be still disastrous in defense on high balls. They took advantage of it André Silva, and Ilsanker (author of a lightning goal and doubling).

The first half was full of competition and with high rhythms on both sides. This is demonstrated by the yellow card collected by Bartels after only 3 ‘. The teams battled above all in midfield, thanks to the compact size of the departments. The opportunities came as soon as one of the two tried to stretch. Both maneuvered fairly well even though there were no clear chances. Werder has made himself dangerous with two conclusions: one of Osako and the other of Selke both very well defused by a present Trapp. On the other hand, the Eintracht has asserted the great quality of its trocar Gacinovic that together with Kohr and Kostic they created a couple of dangerous situations but were inaccurate. André Silva? The former AC Milan player moved fairly well but above all in the service of the team that struggled to serve him near the Pavlenka goal. The first 45 ‘are therefore spun off on the thread of balance.

The beginning of the second half presented the same plot: fear of unbalancing and, therefore, great defensive attention. That the balance could have broken him only a single play was evident. This is what happened when Kostic took the initiative on the left and brushed a perfect ball for the head of André Silva who shot on the net from a few steps. The goal energized the Eintracht and made the mood of Werder a bit disheartened. Gacinovic has almost doubled and Kohfeldt despite the inputs of Raschica and Sargent did not get much from the new grafts. Whoever guessed the change, however, was Hutter: inside Ilsanker who had just enough time to position himself inside the penalty area before hitting Pavlenka with a header on the first ball touched. The 2-0 win of Eintracht has definitively crumbled any ambition for Werder. Ilsanker’s third goal from the head testified to the hosts’ defensive lack of kicks. The Kohfeldt team lost for the first time after 3 games and 7 points collected. For Eintracht a success that pushes the team away from dangerous ranking positions

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