Well-known businessman does not recognize his daughter but the court decides that he is the father


TREVISO Un 40 years long secret and finally revealed: the father presumed he is not the alleged biological parent because the father, in fact, is a man with whom the mother had a relationship first at the time of high school, then in the early 70s and lasted a couple of years. So far a story of secrets and betrayals like so many, were it not for the fact that he is a well-known entrepreneur from Treviso, owner of famous coffee roasters of an equally well-known brewery. At 16 years of truth revealed the fruit of that clandestine love, a woman who is now 46 years old, has obtained the judicial recognition of her lineage from the Court of Treviso. The college, formed by President Daniela Ronzani and judges Carlotta Brusegan and Carlotta Civiero, instead declared the woman’s claim for compensation inadmissible but the ruling opens important hereditary scenarios: the enormous heritage of man, which in the meantime he is married and has two other children, he will have to be shared even with the new arrival in the family.THE LOVE STORY
It all began in 1974, the year in which A.B., the woman protagonist of the story, came to light. Officially she is the daughter of M.P.C. and G.B., married at the right wedding in 1967. But that is also the period in which the two had gone through a period of crisis, which began after the birth of the eldest daughter and sister of A.B. Deep and irremediable crisis during which the lady finds comfort in his arms, the old flame of high school times. Two years of love and passion confirmed by numerous witnesses, according to which the man frequented the home of the woman by going to take her home with his very particular blue car. And even her family seems to have known about that love. But the years pass, the two as often happens at that age leave each other and each finds a partner with whom he marries. However, his marriage lasted only a few months: it was 1972 when he filed a case before his wife with the Court of the Sacred Rota, which annulled the act in 1978. “Don’t you know me? I am your cousin’s close friend “is the revelation that the young scion of a good and above all rich family makes to the cousin of MCP. The period is 1973 and the two met on warm summer nights in what was then the parterre of Treviso well, that is the hippodrome of S. Artemio. AND A.B. has already been conceived. «I knew that at the time my cousin had no intimate relations with her husband – says the cousin – from whom she was separating. He did not expressly tell me that he was the father of the child that my cousin carried in her womb, but that in the face of this he could consider himself implied ». In all this, her husband, presumed father until the shocking revelation, seems to have eaten the leaf, so much so that he had had violent gestures towards the little girl when she was still in the cradle.

It is 2010 when our protagonist, who works as a teacher, knows the truth. After an initial confusional state A.B. comes pink from the need to discover their true identity and in June 2011 he asks what he had always called dad to be willing to perform a DNA test. The result is unequivocal: it is not his biological father. The real father, on the other hand, who spent most of his life without wanting to know anything about his daughter, unjustifiably refused not only to undergo the collection of the biological sample, but did not even consent to the acquisition of the documentation to be found for this purpose at public and private. All this, combined with the numerous testimonies acquired in the case, leads to the judicial pronouncement of paternity. The judge also ordered the registrar to proceed with the annotation, authorizing A.B. to add the father’s surname to his own.


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