Welcome turbo Hakimi. But there is a present not to be given up


The victory of Parma, yes because Inter won and conquered the three points, sparked the right criticisms for how the blitz in the ducal land matured, but also the usual pretext attacks that in our part are sadly in fashion. Even by those who call themselves an Interista.

Antonio Conte knew it when he decided to accept the advances of the Zhang family and friend Marotta. To have an easy life he had only one obligation: to win and immediately. Otherwise, go-ahead for those who pretestuously attack the Juventus past and the 12 million a year they receive as an engagement. Easy exercise for those who don’t want or can’t talk about football.

It is true that Inter left too early a Champions League which, however, in the group saw opponents such as Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund. It is true that the Nerazzurri and therefore their coach made two second half guilty mistakes against Blaugrana and the Germans after two first fractions of the game played as had not been seen in Inter for some time. It is true that the team and its manager have not been able to overcome the last obstacle in a packed Meazza against an already qualified Barcelona and full of reserves. It is true that Inter and therefore Antonio Conte in the league deceived at the beginning of the season about the possibility of being able to fight for the championship until the end, but losing at the crucial moment against Lazio and Juventus, the two competitor. Just as it is true that the final of the Italian Cup could and should have been a goal, nuanced by the miracles of Ospina at San Paolo, but above all by the submissive attitude shown at San Siro in the 1-0 semi-final won by the Neapolitans.

All true and all admissible of negative judgments and constructive criticisms, it is right to doubt the three-man defense regardless, who always says that everything is ok does not do the good of the team. But, in my opinion, it is football short-sightedness to say that nothing has changed from the past and that Conte represents a failure.

Meanwhile, this coach has the great merit of forcing the clubs in which he works to buy the players deemed best for his technical and tactical beliefs. Romelu Lukaku is the most striking example of this and it does not seem to me that the Belgian giant has so far disappointed his expectations in terms of goals scored and team spirit. In the January market, before the covid emergency exploded, the company followed Conte’s requests with a top player like Christian Eriksen. Everyone knows that the technician would have preferred an incursor like Vidal, but once the impossibility of reaching the Chilean was ascertained, the company still took the big name home, attracted by the engagement that guarantees Suning, but also by the fact that it was Count the technician of his future team.

Is Eriksen disappointing? Yes, at the moment we have only seen flashes of class from this Dane who eats bread and quality, but who has yet to understand what the intensity that the Italian championship requires, where it was enough to put on him any Scozzarella, with all respect , to never let him into the game. Christian Eriksen will not and should never be the problem of this team, it cannot and should never be a luxury for a coach like Conte, but it is time to show more desire and a spirit of adaptation.

What Parma showed, after his entry, Alexis Sanchez. Only the damned ankle injury he suffered last October prevented the Chilean from helping out Inter in the topical moments of the season.

As we write we learn that, after passing the medical examinations, he signed a five-year contract that will bind him to Inter a certain Akraf Hakimi, who at just 21 years of age is already considered among the best interpreters in circulation in the role of external. A type of purchase, regardless of the financial outlay favored by the sale of Icardi, which is largely due to the fact that Inter is led by Antonio Conte, a coach who likes great players. And radio market lets us know that after Hakimi, the company is dealing with other non-trivial profiles.

In the meantime, however, the championship is looming and the Brescia never stops at the Meazza tonight. “We are thirsty for points,” said Conte on the eve of the race. Present and future march together. Then you can safely say that Inter in Parma was ugly and lucky. But it can happen at a time like this where you always play and in abnormal conditions. Even if the coach earns 12 million a year.

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