Weddings in the time of Covid, even the Boss of the ko ceremonies: postponed over 300 weddings


The doors of the grand hotel La Sonrisa, now known to most as the Real Time “castle of ceremonies” television. Covid-19 has also stopped the “wedding” and for some time it will not be possible to see, neither live nor on TV, the wedding parties complete with a carriage, flight of the doves, pony pomellato, Brazilian dancers and singers neo-melodic according to the rules of the “Neapolitan wedding” dear to those who consider all this a sumptuous concession “at least once in their lives”, detested by those who boil all this as trash. With the end of the period of stop to the ceremonies, the structure of Sant’Antonio Abate is ready to welcome again those who have the desire to celebrate a special anniversary, but in a restricted way and according to the safety protocols in force.

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The restrictions due to the pandemic have in fact so far led to the cancellation of about 350 events scheduled in these quarantine months: “In reality we have never closed”, explain the owners of the house, woman Imma Polese and her husband Matteo Giordano; “Because we are a hotel as well as a restaurant, however the lockdown has had serious repercussions on the wedding sector which for us remains the core business”. With its 50 thousand meters of garden and large rooms, the castle has always guaranteed the so-called “spacing” between the tables, yet many future wives have – momentarily – preferred to give up the big day: «The promised brides called us crying, Don Matteo emphasizes, because they dream of a big party according to our style. «Many promised brides – adds Donna Imma who since the death of her father, Don Antonio” The boss of the ceremonies “of the homonymous cult broadcast – want a typical Neapolitan wedding and at the moment they have moved the ceremonies to 2021 just to not give up our way to do the events with songs and dances, but if the situation should return without restrictions then they will be happy to get married soon. The delusions of greatness of my father, Don Antonio, have allowed us to always have large spaces, but what has failed now is the possibility of creating aggregation as it usually happens during our ceremonies ».

They will not be seen at Sonrisa: «We thought of creating fashion masks in combination with ties, for men, and stoles for ladies», they proudly explain. If any couple decide to get married anyway, the camera of the “Castle of ceremonies” will be ready to document everything to tell “the Neapolitan wedding in the time of the coronavirus” in the next edition. In fact, in addition to catering and ceremonies, the TV footage also starts again: the first clapperboard for a spin-off of the broadcast is underway, also directed by Raffaele Brunetti and broadcast on the Discovery group’s networks. Since without weddings it will be difficult to resume the reality show, Donna Imma and her husband will offer cannelloni, ragù, meatballs and pastiera in a culinary section that will see them in the kitchen, in the company of all the other members of the large Polese family.

«We sing while returning from the party and not while going», says Don Matteo: «We are still defining everything with the director, but the set will be the kitchen and we will prepare many delicious recipes according to the Neapolitan tradition and above all according to the customs and the reinterpretations of our family, revealing little known secrets and procedures ». On Instagram there are already many images depicting Imma woman in the kitchen: “I have never been a great chef since I have always dealt with the company, however as a child I learned all the recipes that my aunts made for our beautiful family lunches; and then I have a mother who is a good cook and still cooks for all of us today; my husband Matteo, on the other hand, cooks with his heart and has a kind way of doing things ». In short, the “matrimonificio” can wait, but the TV will still have its dose of images and Newpolitano folklore from Sonrisa.

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