WEATHER – VIOLENTA GRANDINATA at SPEARFISH devastates cars and roofs of houses, the video of the event


Worsening weather in Italy, new heavy storms

Weather – Before talking about the news event in South Dakota, let’s make a small meteorological overview of what is happening and will also happen in Italy; a truce from bad weather is taking place in this beginning of the weekend on many regions, with the sun shining in the center-north and Sardinia. However one new phase of disturbed time it will reach the northern regions from next night, bringing heavy thunderstorms to the Northwest which will later extend to most of the northern regions tomorrow. Over the next week, the phenomena will bathe most of the center-north, especially Tyrrhenian sectors, while in the south the weather will initially be more stable. The month of June, therefore, decidedly anomalous continues with frequent disturbed phases and temperatures often below the averages of the period.

Extreme phenomena in the world: hailstorms and floods

Weather – Bad weather affects not only Italy, but extreme phenomena are often affecting the rest of the world. On the day of yesterday we told you about one violent hailstorm that hit Portugal last June 3, causing damages for over 20 million euros, while today we told you about alightning flood occurred in Yemen, where unfortunately they also register 5 victims. In this article, however, we will deal with a news event weather occurred in South Dakota, where one violent hailstorm has devastated an entire town with grains of hailstorm until 7 cm in diameter.

Hail, how is it formed?

Weather – before getting to the heart of the incident, let’s briefly recall the process of hail formation, present of large size especially in supercells. Hail is a special case of ice particle growth through the riming, or a process that involves the collection of super-cooled water droplets, even if at a negative temperature, on the surface of the ice crystal, which tend to freeze on contact, increasing the initial size of the ice particle. In particular, hailstones are formed when particles of graupel (also said soft hail or snow pellets), or large frozen raindrops grow, accumulating droplets of overpowered water. In high cases updraft, rising currents, it is easier to have large hail.

Violent hailstorm devastates Spearfish, South Dakota!

During the day of Thursday 4 June, violent hailstorm have affected the Black Hills, or the mountain range that stretches from South Dakota to Wyoming; the location of Spearfish, located in the county of Lawrence. According to local testimonies, the intense storm cells have caused the formation of hailstones as large as tennis balls, destroying numerous windshields of cars, as well as damaging some roofs of houses; in Piedmont the hail reached 7 cm in diameter. According to the inhabitants of the city, such an extreme phenomenon has not been remembered for at least 30 years; at least the 50% of the Automobiles are damagedbut fortunately no serious injuries were reported. Below we propose the video of the event.

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