Weather forecast, impending wave of heavy thunderstorms. Bad weather for many days


Rome, June 7, 2020 – The are not good forecast next week. Bad weather again, storms, thunderstorms and hail. L’summer continues with its soft start, without heat waves. “A disturbance from France in the night it reached the North West and for most of today it will be very active in the northern regions. Between this evening and Monday night, the disturbed system will also extend to the central regions. This disturbance – affirm the meteorologists of IconMeteo – is inserted in a vast vortex of low pressure which, in the first days of next week, will tend to be stationed in western Europe, with the center between the south of France and the northern Italian regions. The unstable and relatively cool mass of air associated with this circulation will determine variable and unstable weather conditions, sometimes even perturbed, above all in the central and northern part of our country “.

Sunday, off to bad weather

Already in the second part of Sunday 7 June – continues Iconameteo – there will be little space for relaxation on the beach in Northern Italy: the sky will be mostly present very cloudy with scattered rains and thunderstorms also of strong intensity, especially on the North West and Triveneto. The phenomena will be less likely on the east of Emilia and in Romagna. From the afternoon some showers also on the Northwest Tuscany. In the rest of Italy, sunny weather, with a tendency to increase cloudiness from the afternoon or evening. The evening gradually worsens even on Umbria is Lazio, isolated showers in the north-west of Sardinia, phenomena diminishing in the north-west. In the night showers or thunderstorms also involve Marche and the Campania.

Liguria, orange weather alert

The weather in Liguria worsens and the color of the weather alert changes. In light of the latest model evaluations, which determine a worse scenario for the region, Arpal has indeed issued thunderstorm alert: orange from 11 to 20 today, in the central part of the region. In the morning, an intense storm band mainly affected the sea in front of the west coast, accompanied by numerous lightning strikes. On the regional territory, rainfall affected the western part with intensity at the most moderate (17.2 mm in an hour in Piampaludo, in the municipality of Sassello-Savona) while, since midnight, the maximum total cumulative is that of Urbe Vara Superiore ( Savona) with 40mm. On the whole there are conditions of marked instability with rains of intensity up to very strong and high quantities. Strong winds with possible gusts up to 80-90 km / h.

The weather alert in Liguria for Sunday (twitter)

The map of 3bmeteo

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Monday, day of heavy rain and thunderstorms

Monday June 8 – explain the experts of Iconameteo – it will all be in the name of bad weather. In the north, in the center, in the north of Campania and over Sardinia, mostly cloudy skies and very unstable weather with frequent rainfall, mainly with showers or thunderstorms. In some cases the phenomena may be intense and persistent, first on the North East and central Tyrrhenian regions. In the evening and in the night, rains and thunderstorms will concentrate on those of the North West and between Veneto and the Friuli Venezia Giulia. Showers and thunderstorms possible also on the middle Adriatic and, in the afternoon, in Basilicata, in the Nuorese and central-northern Puglia. Larger clearing areas between southern Calabria and Sicily.

The weather on Tuesday

Also Tuesday 9 June no good weather. In most of Italy there will be variable cloud cover and unstable atmosphere. The widest spells will be observed in the far south and on the major islands. During the day, in many cases since the morning, high risk of rain, even in the form of heavy showers and thunderstorms, over much of Northern Italy (less likely and widespread in Emilia Romagna) and in the inland areas of Central and Southern Italy. Partially the Adriatic sides, the coastal areas around the Gulf of Taranto and the Tyrrhenian coasts of Sicily are also affected. Locally intense phenomena will be possible, accompanied by hail and strong gusts of wind.

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