Weather forecast Emilia Romagna, yellow alert for thunderstorms until Wednesday 17


Bologna, June 16, 2020 – The astronomical summer, whose beginning coincides with the summer solstice on June 20, is getting closer: yet, the forecasts weather does not seem to be heading towards that stability that would be normal at this time of year. Indeed, the marked variability convinced the experts of Arpae (Regional Agency for Prevention, Energy and the Environment) to enact, in concert with the Civil Protection, a new “yellow” weather alert (ordinary criticality) for thunderstorms, valid in most of Emilia-Romagna.

“In Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 – reads the Arpae bulletin – conditions of marked instability persist, with probability of showers e temporal over the whole region. The phenomena, with precipitations that may be locally intense, will concentrate on theCentral-Western Apennines and will tend to run out in the evening. ”

But it’s not over: from the early hours of Wednesday, in fact, “scattered precipitations, at times even of high intensity, will resume on the hilly areas and, during the day, will extend irregularly to the lowland areas, with greater interest than those close to the Po”.

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The alert, that will remain valid until midnight on Wednesday 17 June, it covers the entire regional territory, with the sole exception of the Riviera: the coastal areas in the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini will therefore be excluded.

Who hopes in one glimmer of light will have to wait for Friday 19: to ruin the programs, however, will arrive afternoon showers, which will bathe the reliefs in particular on Saturday. From Sunday, however, the comeback of the yearned for Azores anticyclone and the arrangement of the currents from the northern quadrants should, finally, favor a more stable and sunny type of weather. Temperatures will gradually increase and gradually reach seasonal averages. And, perhaps, you can leave the umbrella at home and replace it with an umbrella.

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