We wanted to change Balotelli – Giornale di brescia


We don’t know yet how it will end, but we know it’s over anyway. And regardless of who sees their reasons prevail in court – the Brescia or Mario Balotelli? – like when there is a stormy divorce, it is always a failure for everyone. The past, everything that happened before Brescia, speaks against Balotelli. Of course whoever is called to arbitrate the case between the club and Balo will not have to be influenced by prejudices. Possible? Well … yes.

After all, in August last year, most of Brescia’s fans of Mario’s negative career history hadn’t mattered. Power of the charm that Balo exercises despite everything and despite all the unfavorable judgments about him. Perhaps, at this point all that remains is to think that all those who come into contact with him end up prey to the so-called “crocerossina syndrome». The one that takes hold of you when you fall in love with the beautiful and damned (however, everything is also declined to the female) on duty from which the friends warn you. But you: «I am different, I will change it». And inevitably it ends up suffering. That you find yourself disappointed, betrayed, crestfallen. How do we feel in the army of those who wanted to change Mario.