“We want to hit Lotito in conjunction with the resumption of the championship”


To the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo, Arturo Diaconale, responsible for Lazio’s communication, commented on the latest events of the Biancoceleste home (starting from the Zarate case highlighted by the service of Le Iene): “It does not seem to me that whoever denounced Lotito has this absolute credibility to say that his considerations are unassailable The president seems to have decided to react on the judicial level, we will see what the conclusion of this affair will be. Among the many things I just have to report the concurrence of the resumption of the championship with this flourishing of disputes against Lotito. I have the impression that you want to hit Lotito anyway and with him, Lazio. As Agatha Christie said, numerous clues make a test and there is a clear attempt to put Lotito and Lazio in difficulty. Whoever owns and invests his own has everything as much as the right to be able to have his say in the League, to a greater extent than those who do not own and speak on behalf of owners. The real problem is the interests of the various companies and that are managed by the owners or managers, the problem is how, not by whom. ”

And again: “This fury against Lotito who has proven to be a shrewd owner, a shrewd manager because he has managed a company on the verge of bankruptcy, saving it and bringing it to high levels. My impression is that we want to turn Lotito into an easy target, as if he were the culprit of the troubles of Italian football. I read of a somewhat bizarre idea, that being an Italian owner he is a little out of time compared to other companies with Chinese, Arab or other owners. The acceptability of a president or not is up to the fans and the results to decide. Unity of purpose? The framework is found by reconciling the interests of all, with the awareness that it is in the general interest to find an agreement that is supportive of the society. If there is goodwill, it should not be too complicated to find an agreement. ”



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