“We return to presence and security. We will have a billion more for the restart “


MI press release – “In September we go back to school in presence and in safety” said the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, today, presenting the guidelines for recovery together with the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The text got the go-ahead, this afternoon, also by the Regions and local bodies, it is immediately operational and will now be circulated to educational institutions.

“The Guidelines are the result of a long comparison and sharing with the actors of the school world, including families and students, with the Regions, the local Authorities, and allow us to do a job that does not only look at reopening, but also to the future of the school. We have the economic resources, the tools, we can ensure that the restart is also a driving force of innovation, “added the Minister.

“We are giving clear but flexible solutions: each school is structurally different from the other, we must take this into account,” said Azzolina. During the press conference, a billion more were confirmed for the restart, which will allow, among other things, to have more staff to avoid overcrowded classes. “We will be able to have 50,000 more people among teachers and ATA staff,” the Minister said.

A national control room with coordination tasks and regional tables, located in the territorial offices of the Ministry of Education, will guide schools towards recovery. Representatives from local authorities will participate in the working groups. A governance designed to support school leaders and facilitate responses to their needs. Starting next week, the Minister Azzolina will go to the different regions to participate in the tables and monitor the progress of the work.

The reopening dates

From September 1, schools will reopen for the recovery of the learning of female students and students who did not reach enough at the end of the school year just ended and of all pupils that teachers will want to participate based on the needs of their class. Lessons will start on September 14th.

Sanitized and safe schools

The schools will be cleaned constantly and there will be sanitizing products, soaps and all that will be needed to ensure the safety of pupils and pupils and staff. For this purpose, 331 million have already been paid to schools, which can also be used for small maintenance and innovative furnishings.

More spaces for school

The school that will start in September, in order to respect the distancing foreseen to date by the Technical-scientific Committee (1 meter of distance between the “pupal rhymes”), will need more spaces. In recent weeks, the Ministry has developed a ‘dashboard’, an IT system that crosses the data relating to classrooms, laboratories, gyms available with the data of the students and the distance to be kept. This tool will make it possible to identify, by municipality, school by school, the intervention priorities and the pupils who will need to find new spaces in collaboration with local authorities. A quick tool to be able to act surgically on the most complex situations. According to the data of the School Building Registry there are then about 3 thousand abandoned school buildings that can be recovered. External spaces will also be used, through agreements with the territory, for teaching that can also take place in museums, historical archives, theaters, parks.

More laboratory teaching and flexibility

The guidelines call for less frontal and more laboratory teaching, in small groups and not necessarily in the classroom, but also in different spaces to combine the need for distance with innovation. The purchase of new furniture will be favored, such as the new generation single benches that allow more collaborative teaching. Digital teaching can be integrated with face-to-face teaching but only in a complementary way in secondary school.

Priority to childhood and pupils with disabilities

In the work that will be done by the schools and at the regional tables, the highest priority will be given to the little ones, who most of all have suffered the closure of the school in recent months and to pupils with disabilities.

Staff training and information

The staff will be trained on safety issues and also on new technologies in order not to waste the work done during the closure of schools for the emergency. There will be an information campaign on responsible behavior to be followed which will also involve parents and students.

The technical-scientific committee

The indications on spacing, masks, hygiene measures are contained in the documents drawn up by the Technical-Scientific Committee attached to the Guidelines for schools. The documents will be updated periodically. The Committee has already reserved the possibility of re-evaluating the need for a mask, close to the school recovery, on the basis of the contagion data that will gradually emerge.

The video of the conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQVCLG-OTzg

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