We return to cinema and theater, green light to summer camps: what reopens today and where. Across Italy activates the Immuni app


Phase three

Borders in Europe reopen: restrictions also lifted Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The school reopens only in view of the final exams

Sitting in the room without masks, we return to the cinema

Borders in Europe reopen: restrictions also lifted Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The school reopens only in view of the final exams

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After the first reopenings of about a month ago, the umpteenth stage of the phase three, in the direction of that normalcy that the outbreak of the Covid-19 emergency and the consequent lockdown have forgotten. The activities of cinema, theaters and arcades, betting rooms and bingo. Summer centers for children are ready. Some regions have anticipated the green light for discos and festivals. For amateur contact sports, however, such as the beloved soccer, it is necessary to wait for June 25, if the solution will be compatible with the trend of the infections.

Borders in Europe reopen

From today, 15 June, travel is back: most restrictions on travel and invitations not to travel fall in Europe. They also lift the restrictions Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. And Italy, which was among the first to open its borders to people from Schengen countries, returns to hope in tourism. From today the planes return to take off substantially with all the seats occupied, according to the provisions of the Dpcm of 11 June, but there is an obligation for passengers to wear a mask, in addition to only one hand baggage due to the reduction of space in the hat boxes.

National launch of Immuni

As explained by the Commissioner for the emergency Domenico Arcuri, after a first phase of experimentation in four regions, the “Immuni” app becomes downloadable throughout the national and operational territory.

The school is back in attendance for the final exams

Among the many restarts there is also the school, which, however, reopens only in view of the final exams. On Monday 15 June the Exam Commission meets for the first time in a plenary meeting, the secondary school buildings come to life again with the teachers and on Wednesday 17 the high school students will arrive, for the first time also those with insufficiencies, also admitted to the exam , which will focus on an interview. Waiting for politics to decide if lessons will start again on September 14th, this week there will therefore be a first general rehearsal of the return to class, albeit with an unpublished state exam and very different from the past as it will take place with the new rules dictated by the health emergency.

In the theater without masks, we return to the cinema

If on one hand there will be no need for the masks when watching the film (it must be worn only in the stretch from the entrance to the place in the room), the cinemas will still have to respect some stakes. The doors of the cinema halls therefore reopen with separate paths, temperature measurement, spaced places, sanitization of the rooms. It is possible to consume the products purchased in the dining rooms in the dining room, which can be reopened, always in compliance with safety regulations. The latest Dpcm revised, in part, the rules for cinema and live entertainment: up to 200 spectators will be able to sit in the indoor rooms (before this number also included the staff and, for the theater, actors, technicians, workers). Same rule for outdoor shows: the provision establishes that “up to 1000 spectators” are allowed. Cohabiting spectators can sit close together. Then there remains an unknown: for this type of activity, summer is “low season”.

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