“We must decide who will lead the country” – Libero Quotidiano


Matteo Renzi returns to alarm Giuseppe Conte. The leader of Italia Viva, once again, does not mince words and makes it clear that there is a need to change Prime Minister. “Parliamentary democracy has been fundamental in overcoming the country’s nefarious fascist and war season – he notes – and in the years of the Cold War, changing a Prime Minister every ten months was not a problem at all. Today everything has changed and Italy must to be able to compete on a planetary level, no longer. ” In essence, the former Prime Minister says it clearly and roundly: “We need to choose who will lead the country for five years with a highly efficient system of checks and balances, but without these being a brake and an obstacle to government action” .

As if to say that Conte is now close to him: “I believe – he continues – the time has come to take courage with two hands, to accept the challenge and introduce the direct election of the President of the Republic or the President of the Council of Ministers. It is about changing the Constitution to allow citizens to decide. ” A little what Giorgia Meloni has been saying for a long time.

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