“We hope to be able to reevaluate the quarantine issue. The most difficult moment is the stop of Ligue 1, and I will explain the algorithm”


The FIGC president Gabriele Gravina spoke to all summoned Radio 24:

“The most difficult moment?

“There have been several, maybe I say the moment when France gave up on restarting its championship. When one big five fails while the others are deciding there is a problem, but we have kept the bar straight and the result I think there is. ”

Did you work less this weekend?

“I state that I have always been convinced that the preparation base was the least demanding. I am realistic, I realize that there are still very active risks, linked not only to the trend of the epidemiological curve, but also to cultural aspects that predominate within our world, our civil and sporting society. The experience of these last two or three months has meant that each one has developed antibodies, we have accumulated energies that will allow us with political, ethical and moral balance to propose solutions that will allow us to end this tournament, or these tournaments if you prefer. ”

Are you hoping to eliminate the rule on quarantine in case of contagion?

“Football has never asked for shortcuts or discounts. Today there are clear rules, which allow you to continue your activity, isolating an athlete or a staff professional, continuing your training. We know that this rule is foreseen, the hope is that shortly, a week before the start of the tournaments, therefore of the Italian Cup, it can be re-evaluated: we will send a new proposal, in the hope that this rule will be revisited. Today, theoretically, but probably also in practice, it creates great anxiety and concern “.

There is a wide debate about the algorithm.

“Yes, someone said that the kite rises against the wind. At this moment, the kite is the world of football: we know there are problems, we must demonstrate that we are able to offer credible, shareable and easy to apply solutions” .

Can you help us understand how this algorithm works in the event of a definitive stop?

“I’m sorry that this word gave the idea of ​​a sort of magic potion, which could upset the sporting merit. Instead, it is simply a systematic calculation procedure: it is a method to arrive at a product called ranking weighting. It makes me smile like in our country we like to screw on expressions that are simply devoted to finding balance and giving certainties. I used this term already some time ago, then strangely it was taken up by the British as a weighting for the races: it works there, from we algorithm applied to the weighting is cause for concern. In reality, it is nothing more than a way to ensure that, before the leagues start again, and in any case applying minimum criteria such as having played 3-4 games to know the state of affairs when you intervene , everyone is on the same conditions. I don’t know if between 3 or 4 championship days everyone will have played the same races: what we want to do, crystallize the ranking and not take into account that someone has played less and is penalized? I ask this to those who are surprised and shouted at the scandal for the algorithm. It is a way to make football an instrument that puts us all on the same conditions. The British are doing it: it is not a dry average, but it takes into account many corrections, such as home games, away matches, games to play, goals scored and conceded, which give a principle of fairness to a ranking that must be weighted if weighting is required. It is a sort of assurance on the conduct of the championship, because I am convinced that if we all continue to apply the rules, also giving a civil and moral testimony, which I hope each of us has in itself, however, it should come to an end without further jerks “.

Do you share any complaints from the players?

“Certainly yes, some questionable. I believe that in a moment of great tension, generated by a situation of great emergency, each component has put forward proposals to evaluate, some legitimate and some less, some questionable and others less. The players are one a fundamental part, but as everyone knows that to get out of the emergency you have to be all together. And being all together does not mean bringing home the best possible result, but also making some small sacrifices “.

What relationship did you have with Minister Spadafora?

“Excellent, constant, of comparison. His prudence was a strategic, tactical if you like attitude, which allowed football to arrive in the best conditions to be able to say today that we can start. Together we shared two fundamental principles: that football had to leave when our whole country left, we never asked for preferential channels. And then with caution, protecting the health of all. These two elements, combined, inspired the minister. It is useless to hide that there were moments of tension , but it happened because there was a desire to accelerate in a process that, I must say, today would have been harmful to our system, considering some positivity risks. Today the result has also come thanks to the decisive work of Minister Spadafora and the contributions of the CTS. I hope that, with the same capacity for dialogue and comparison, especially in the case of CTS, some small restrictions will today it still weighs on our head “.

Are you hoping to complete the championship with some fans at the stadium?

“It is a wish, I wish it from my heart. I am following the trend of availability within theaters and arenas for cultural events. It is unthinkable that, with all precautions, in a 60 or 80 thousand-seat stadium, there cannot be a minimum percentage of people. I hope that even in this way there will be a sign of hope for the country, which would reward many football fans “.

Think about the playoffs / playouts for next year?

“There is no decision at the moment. There is a draft program drawn up by the League of A, it seems to me that the schedule is such as to allow the championship to take place starting from September 12, but also later. If there is should be objective impediments, as you know art. 218 of the DL Relaunch allows the FIGC to derogate from some rules of the sports system and to reorganize the season “.



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