“We have taken a moral slap. Serie A, I think autonomy is right”


On the sidelines of the Federal Council gathered today in Rome to formalize the way to complete the Italian championship, Beppe Marotta commented, as adviser of the Serie A League, the clear rejection of the solution of the relegation block in case of another stop: “I think there are no winners or losers – explains the CEO of Inter to Sky Sport commenting on the victory of the Gravina line -. There is a rather anomalous situation because today we have been put behind the blackboard. We took a moral slap, we lost our claim: 3 votes against the resolution and 18 in favor in the end lay for a scenario that needs a review of the governance, which perhaps does not reflect the specific weight of the Serie A. Today I can criticize the government system in football in Italy, a system very anchored to a decision-making will that belongs to many components. It is right that Serie A has its own autonomy as in England with the Premier League “.

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