” We had not been told ”


The Carabinieri of Siena are investigating the dynamics that led to the very serious accident in which the former pilot was injured Max Zanardi, ended up against a truck in transit during a race. The agents questioned the organizers of the ‘Objective 3’ relay, the event in which Zanardi had taken part.

In the barracks of the provincial command of the carabinieri of Siena, Major Roberto Vergato, commander of the Montepulciano company, who conducts the investigations, and the deputy prosecutor Serena Minicucci listened to two people linked to the event conceived by Zanardi himself.

Zanardi accident, the organizers questioned

The two were felt to be “people informed of the facts” and not as investigated. At the moment the only suspect is the 44 year old Sienese driver of the truck against which Zanardi violently hit the head with his hanbike. “It’s a due act,” explained prosecutor Salvatore Vitello. According to the press agencies, the testimony of the organizers of ‘Objective 3’ has served investigators to rebuild “the frame“within which the event was held, specifying the modalities of the authorizations requested, as well as questions were asked about the permits possibly forwarded and obtained by the Municipalities for the passage of the relay. The magistrate intends to understand in particular why during the relay race of the runners disabled at some point the ‘Objective 3’ caravan encountered a transit truck on its way.

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Zanardi accident, the mayor of Pienza: ” Race had not been communicated to us ”

” We had no communication of tenders or demonstrations ” and the Municipality had been “informed only of an institutional greeting”. The mayor of Pienza said so Manolo Garosi to Radio Siena Tv, referring to the accident that yesterday involved Alex Zanardi on the provincial road 146 between Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia. ” We have had no communication of races of any kind or of events, ” explains Garosi. ” The Municipality was informed only of an institutional greeting to the Dante Alighieri gardens. There is an ongoing investigation, it will evaluate who it is responsible for. ”

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