A blink of an eye, a year flown in an instant. It was a very hot Friday that June 6, with the sun beating like a hammer at Vespucci (the airport always has something to do with it …), flash, radio, TV, newspapers, sites, all lined up to discover the new president live, together with the fans present. The plane that left Milan, where the Della Valle era had closed a few hours earlier, had the Commisso family and the American delegation on board. Rocco’s eyes widened when he found himself in front of that hot, curious and happy little army. “If you love us, I will love you …”. More than a sentence, a sentence. Rocco presented himself this way and at that precise moment Commisso’s adventure in Florence began. If love is love you understand immediately, there are no filters, counterfeits, forcing. Between Rocco and Florence the spark struck at first glance, born to be together. Under the Savoy, his first Florentine hotel, the procession of fans began to hunt for a selfie and a hug. And he there, tired but enthusiastic. “Everyone greets me here, how nice – he told us – nobody recognizes me in New York …”, and down a laugh of his own, contagious.
Since then it has been a crescendo of emotions, characterized by a strong empathy between the purple people and its leader. Rocco did not promise anything, only sincerity and so a very strong bond with the fans was stratified. Rocco resorted to an old rule of journalism: to separate facts from opinions. So it was: first the facts. Like the Sports Center, a miracle of football in Florence, accomplished in a few weeks, just enough time to locate the grounds and take action. It will become the most beautiful in Italy, one of the best in Europe, not only for how it was designed, but also and above all for the scenario in which it was set. Hills, greenery, cypresses and Florence close by. Sorry, what are we talking about?
There was a hitch on the bench with Montella, the coach was replaced by Iachini as the standings began to shake the wrists. But things were heading well when the Covid-19 curse came. All suspended, including the judgment on Fiorentina.
And now it starts again, but in the meantime the welding between Rocco and his people has become even stronger in the battle for the stadium. #iostoconrocco has gone viral, a call to general mobilization, a trend. The banners displayed by fans all over Florence, Italy, Europe and the planet, from New York to Indonesia, also influenced politics and contiguous systems. The purple typhus is unique, it has almost thaumaturgical persuasive abilities, it manages to show the way. During the week, the mayor Nardella adjusted by discovering himself ultrà while unrolling his sheet in the courtyard of Michelozzo in Palazzo Vecchio. But there is more: Rocco’s desire to build the stadium in Campi emerged, the heavy artillery of Toscana Aeroporti took the field and threatened appeals because the future stadium would be on the landing cone of the new runway. The works, however, are stopped, indeed they never started, because a few months ago, as is known, the Council of State rejected the compatibility with the territory of the new track, therefore everything to be redone. The process will start from scratch and at best, it will take at least another 4 years to get back on track … it is appropriate to say it. Meanwhile, however, yesterday the leaders of the Florentine airport also unrolled a nice sheet – have you ever seen that they were left behind in the run-up to the banner – with a variation on the theme: #I am with the airport and with Rocco and Fiorentina. In short, a somewhat complex metric, but we understood each other. Then the words of Marco Carrai, president of Toscana Aeroporti: “What we think is written in the banner that we have hung. Fiorentina and Toscana Aeroporti have never quarreled and will not begin to do so now. We believe that both works, stadium and new track, are strategic for the city and should be done without stepping on your feet. It is something that should not put us in any way in contrast with Fiorentina. ” Appropriate clarification after the warlike declarations of a few days before. A strategic retreat just to not go against that peaceful army that had expressed full support for the purple president.
Today Rocco Commisso, when it will be 9 in America and 15 here, will speak to purple people through the official channels of society. He will draw up the balance for this first year and tell his truth about the stadium. Yesterday was a long and very important day on this front: in the studio of architect Casamonti, who is already following the project of the sports center, there was an in-depth meeting to discuss the stadium. The “New Franks” hypothesis has come back into power, also because Roman rumors say that there will be a real acceleration to change the current law on architectural heritage, in this case the protected and municipal property stadiums. It is clear then why the mayor got so unbalanced during the week by launching the crusade against the palace to obtain a different and innovative regulation.
Rocco, therefore, still hopes to be able to knock down the Franchi and then make another one in line with the dictates of the third millennium, while retaining the symbol of the Marathon tower and probably also the helical stairs, much discussed. At the same time, however, the other option remains, that of Campi. Rocco believed in this possibility from the beginning because that area would have all the requirements to build a modern stadium. So, Campi and Franchi, the game is played on these two tables. But today Rocco speaks, let’s listen to him carefully. Maybe a bang comes. Happy anniversary, President.



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